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libavl has grown into its current state over a period of years. During that time, many people have contributed advice, bug reports, and occasional code fragments. I have attempted to individually acknowledge all of these people, along with their contributions, in the NEWS and ChangeLog files included with the libavl source distribution. Without their help, libavl would not be what it is today. If you believe that you should be listed in one of these files, but are not, please contact me.

Many people have indirectly contributed by providing computer science background and software infrastructure, without which libavl would not have been possible at all. For a partial list, please see THANKS in the libavl source distribution.

Special thanks are due to Erik Goodman of the A. H. Case Center for Computer-Aided Engineering and Manufacturing at Michigan State University for making it possible for me to receive MSU honors credit for rewriting libavl as a literate program, and to Dann Corbit for his invaluable suggestions during development.