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Insertion is, as usual, one of the operations that must be newly implemented for our new type of tree. There is nothing surprising in the function's outline:

458. <RTRB item insertion function 458> =
void **
rtrb_probe (struct rtrb_table *tree, void *item)
{ struct rtrb_node *pa[RTRB_MAX_HEIGHT]; /* Nodes on stack. */ unsigned char da[RTRB_MAX_HEIGHT]; /* Directions moved from stack nodes. */ int k; /* Stack height. */ struct rtrb_node *p; /* Current node in search. */ struct rtrb_node *n; /* New node. */ int dir; /* Side of p on which p is located. */ assert (tree != NULL && item != NULL); <Step 1: Search RTRB tree for insertion point 459> <Step 2: Insert RTRB node 460> <Step 3: Rebalance after RTRB insertion 461> return &n->rtrb_data; }

This code is included in 457.