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Most of the PRB operations use the same implementations as did PAVL trees in the last chapter. The PAVL copy function is modified to copy colors instead of balance factors. The item insertion and deletion functions must be newly written, of course.

556. <PRB functions 556> =
<TBST creation function; tbst => prb 254>
<BST search function; bst => prb 32>
<PRB item insertion function 557>
<Table insertion convenience functions; tbl => prb 594>
<PRB item deletion function 568>
<PAVL traversal functions; pavl => prb 548>
<PAVL copy function; pavl => prb; pavl_balance => prb_color 549>
<BST destruction function; bst => prb 85>
<Default memory allocation functions; tbl => prb 7>
<Table assertion functions; tbl => prb 596>

This code is included in 554.