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Most of the operations for RTAVL trees can come directly from their RTBST implementations. The notable exceptions are, as usual, the insertion and deletion functions. The copy function will also need a small tweak. Here's the list of operations:

418. <RTAVL functions 418> =
<TBST creation function; tbst => rtavl 252>
<RTBST search function; rtbst => rtavl 376>
<RTAVL item insertion function 419>
<Table insertion convenience functions; tbl => rtavl 592>
<RTAVL item deletion function 429>
<RTBST traversal functions; rtbst => rtavl 395>
<RTAVL copy function 447>
<RTBST destruction function; rtbst => rtavl 407>
<Default memory allocation functions; tbl => rtavl 6>
<Table assertion functions; tbl => rtavl 594>

This code is included in 416.