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We use the same algorithm to advance an RTBST traverser as for TBST traversers. The only important difference between this code and <TBST traverser advance function 277> is the substitution of rtbst_rtag for tbst_tag[1].

401. <RTBST traverser advance function 401> =
void *
rtbst_t_next (struct rtbst_traverser *trav)
{ assert (trav != NULL); if (trav->rtbst_node == NULL) return rtbst_t_first (trav, trav->rtbst_table); else if (trav->rtbst_node->rtbst_rtag == RTBST_THREAD)
    { trav->rtbst_node = trav->rtbst_node->rtbst_link[1]; return trav->rtbst_node != NULL ? trav->rtbst_node->rtbst_data : NULL; }
    { trav->rtbst_node = trav->rtbst_node->rtbst_link[1]; while (trav->rtbst_node->rtbst_link[0] != NULL) trav->rtbst_node = trav->rtbst_node->rtbst_link[0]; return trav->rtbst_node->rtbst_data; } }

This code is included in 397.