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The traverser for a PBST is just like that for a TBST, so we can reuse a couple of the TBST functions. Besides that and a couple of completely generic functions, we have to reimplement the traversal functions.

504. <PBST traversal functions 504> =
<TBST traverser null initializer; tbst => pbst 271>
<PBST traverser first initializer 505>
<PBST traverser last initializer 506>
<PBST traverser search initializer 507>
<PBST traverser insertion initializer 508>
<TBST traverser copy initializer; tbst => pbst 276>
<PBST traverser advance function 509>
<PBST traverser back up function 510>
<BST traverser current item function; bst => pbst 75>
<BST traverser replacement function; bst => pbst 76>

This code is included in 491.