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Now that we've changed the basic form of our binary trees, we have to rewrite most of the tree functions. A function designed for use with unthreaded trees will get hopelessly lost in a threaded tree, because it will follow threads that it thinks are child pointers. The only functions we can keep are the totally generic functions defined in terms of other table functions.

253. <TBST functions 253> =
<TBST creation function 254>
<TBST search function 255>
<TBST item insertion function 256>
<Table insertion convenience functions; tbl => tbst 594>
<TBST item deletion function 259>
<TBST traversal functions 270>
<TBST copy function 280>
<TBST destruction function 283>
<TBST balance function 284>
<Default memory allocation functions; tbl => tbst 7>
<Table assertion functions; tbl => tbst 596>

This code is included in 250.