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Just like their unthreaded cousins, threaded binary trees can become degenerate, leaving their good performance characteristics behind. When this happened in a unthreaded BST, stack overflow often made it necessary to rebalance the tree. This doesn't happen in our implementation of threaded BSTs, because none of the routines uses a stack. It is still useful to have a rebalance routine for performance reasons, so we will implement one, in this section, anyway.

There is no need to change the basic algorithm. As before, we convert the tree to a linear “vine”, then the vine to a balanced binary search tree. See Balancing a BST, for a review of the balancing algorithm.

Here is the outline and prototype for tbst_balance().

284. <TBST balance function 284> =
<TBST tree-to-vine function 286>
<TBST vine compression function 288>
<TBST vine-to-tree function 287>
<TBST main balance function 285>

This code is included in 253.

285. <TBST main balance function 285> =
/* Balances tree. */
tbst_balance (struct tbst_table *tree)
{ assert (tree != NULL); tree_to_vine (tree); vine_to_tree (tree); }

This code is included in 284 and 410.